I figured i’d start this post at the middle, and spare the future reader my history. Suffice it to say, I write to get ideas out, and this is my tool to facilitate it further. I’ll be posting short stories, typically one-and-a-half to three pages long, and essentially self-contained. I may post some of my longer form works-in-progress from time to time, and even some non-writing content once this is stable.

Most of this is talking to an empty room, except the dialogue will be forever after available to be played back at any time, by any one who enters it. I’ll keep most posts strictly to stories and other projects i’m working on, with occasional sharing of other people’s blogs I find motivating and interesting.

So, in effect, the same as any other blog. Enjoy!

As it is currently just past midnight, I will be uploading one story tonight, then one at least once a week (I reserve the right to post more).


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