Pluto’s Shore

Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash

“At last I’ve found your heart, O Dreadnought”,
Came my shout from far below;
There came a roar so deep and dark
It shook the walls, to and fro

“And with my teeth, I tear at thee,”
My cry did tremble on,
“To end this cruel and miserable war;
To finally call it won!”

Without a moment to think it through,
My mouth found purchase: veins, flesh
And I did sink those pale white stones
To reap reward, to rip and thresh

The beast’s cries drove me, madder and faster;
Its path had not changed a degree.
And so I chewed and gnashed and clawed
To be certain it would never be

This behemoth, this monolith, this absolute Monster;
It wore its intentions plain
Though it bore no hatred, no malice, in truth,
Its actions proved horrid, disgusting; Profane.

I alone had survived this terrible plunge
My shipmates left dead in my wake
And I dove and I tore into hell’s bosom, praying
That soon, too, my own soul it would take

The beast was flagging, its dread pace slowed
I could taste my victory, bittersweet,
As it stumbled, and tumbled, down shores under sea;
The world gave way beneath our feet

And the Sound! By the lord, it gave thunder a fright
When that beast did let loose a death knell
The sheer weight of defeat bore it straight, deep down
When that beast finally, truly fell.

So I sing to my people, my friends, my dear loves
We have done what you asked, and more
But I beg of you, implore you, take care below;
Beware old Pluto’s Shore.

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