Old Growth

Take a look around
Can you see through the trees?
They’re so big and overgrown;
The wind is howling, but there’s no breeze

They tell us to stop lighting fires
To clear away the weeds
To clear out all this old growth brush

But they’re the ones who tend the roots
To keep them healthy
Keep us crushed

People shouldn’t have to die
Just to open up the public’s eye
To how fucking miserable life was; I
Hope our world isn’t ruined

There are stands of old growth
Covered in poison ivy and thorn
To keep us at bay, make us forget –
Out of fire, new life is born

These tenders keep the old growth green
And fight off any attempt
To change the way it grows or twists
And so up goes the fire’s contempt

“If only,” they cry, “you’d see it our way
You’d realize you’re better off;
As long as you give up all your rights,
We’ll all benefit!” Fuck off.

Tear down the walls and towers high
Bring back that big blue, verdant sky
And make sure we never even try
To make people unequal again.

Let the old growth burn, rip it down
‘Til its cinder and char and ash.
Let the rains wash clean the soil below
And let new blooms sprout: anti-fash

Fuck your old world
Fuck all we had
If one person can’t be safe
It’s over, start again
Don’t get mad

Get even.

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