A Wedding Song

Photo by Matheo JBT on Unsplash


Down the dunes I roved; in tow

The heady scent of petals, grow

Under the steady sun; Below

The sand wore ever on!


To my first mate’s credit, she

Worked the crew to a right frenzy!

When down the rime-caked shore did we

Find there my bonny lad!


Five nights from the wedding morn!

His hair braided thick,

Beard close-shorn!

A coral rose did his breast adorn,

And so we hauled ashore!


Cried my first mate; Up went the flags!

“Get those tents up, you Scallywags!”

My bonny lad crouched low

As I opened bags

Of flowers fair


Came his gasp, hands delving down

To grasp at the hidden, woven crown

“For me, O Captain?”

He giggled at my frown

And my cheeks did grow ever rosy


Said I to my crew and love,

Brow sweaty, chest heaving under hot sun above,

“When all’s cool shade

We’ll sing thereof!”

So I kissed my husband-to-be


Went the Sun!


Came the Moon!


Went the casks

From Berries of June!


Came the lights!


With propriety!


Went my lover

Red with night’s gaiety!


Of hot sand; winds carving our skin

Voices hoarse from shouting over the din;

Weeks out from our port

Did we finally win

My bonny lad’s fair heart


Did my crew, my first mate and my heart!

Had I spent near one more month apart

From those lips, hips and cheeks

To and fro my eyes dart!

I’d have pitched into desert bluffs!


The week’s end was fast upon us

The crew and first mate gave no fuss

They set up the arch

And held every cuss

As my fiance’s family arrived


To our boat, their ship seemed too rich;

A silver swan’s head on its prow, which

To my Captain’s eye did pitch

That his family’s wealth was sublime


Spoke the cool wind from his mother’s tongue,

As if it were a cannon; from which she flung

The cruelest of barb:

“You are a Mung.

But my boy loves you, so…”


Father gave cheers to my first mate and crew;

From his days on the sand seas, most he knew,

And his wife’s jabs meant little as his smile grew

And he embraced me as his own


Came the silver!


Went the food!


And over,

‘Til stomachs did brood!


Came the flowers!


Went the calls!


The cliffs,

The hills and the walls


My husband-to-be

Was my husband to me

And his family tree

Now kept roots with mine


On the sands

Went my crew, first mate and all

At the prow stood my lover

Dressed for the Fall

I stood at the wheel

Dressed in wedding shawl

And the sands wore ever on


Came the sails


Went the cries


Passed the

kegs of wine!


Went we; hence


Sandy Seas!


The bounding!


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