Quick Update


I’m busy with many things – not the least of which is a fully-fledged TTRPG system I’m in the late stages of developing, plus another text adventure like Drone, a short Twine game I made. I’m also working with my health providers and government about some personal things, so stories will be even more sporadic for a bit here! But i’m okay!

I also wanted to mention that I started a Tumblr for these writings as well; it’ll be the same content that you see here, just on that site instead of this one. So if that’s your preferred site, here’s the link!

I hope you’re all doing well, and keep your eyes peeled for some more stuff from these new worlds.

Meet you at the horizon,

– Jae

Salt in the Wound

Photo by Matheo JBT on Unsplash

This is a part of my Fourth Age Witches series; you can find them all here. The protagonist Calfin uses the neopronouns ze/zim/zir.

The old ship groaned in the whipping wind, always threatening to tip over but never following through.

Yet, thought Calfin, Always yet.

Ze took a look through one of the portholes, scratched on one side and covered with candle soot and ages-old grime on the other. The dried lake looked much the same as it had the past day, last month and the summer before: tediously barren, with a hint of unguided malice to anything that found itself stranded there. No trace of the trio yet.

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Photo by Nariman Mesharrafa on Unsplash

This is a part of my One More Verse series; you can find them all here.

After half a month in the abyss, the dim lights of the wet-dock felt like a womb, a warm haven from the dark. Faint simulated sunlight filtered in through the hardened plastic ceiling, illuminating the room as if it were late afternoon; in reality, the surface was nearly two-hundred metres up and it was nearly sunset, but he relished the feeling despite that. The “sun” warmed his skin and soothed his frazzled mind as he clambered through the bulkhead, feeling like a criminal seeking sanctuary from the harsh underwater world. He glanced behind him to see where his partner Horrick was.

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