Category: Short Fiction

Stormworld: Hardtop

This is the first in a series of short stories set in a shared universe: Earth has been pummeled by heavy storms for twenty years, and the governments left over have adapted by genetically manipulating (and in some cases, Inventing) creatures to help them survive the onslaught of rain and wind. After two decades, the storms have diminished, but the changes are too significant to return to the status quo so easily…


Archway Books

It all started one quiet evening after a busy day. Roy, a man in his mid-thirties, bid farewell to the last customer and fumbled at the lock, weary after so much work. As he casually flicked the sign around, displaying to all the world his shop was closed, there came a resounding knock that nearly skinned him on the spot.


Crater Bay

Slow, silent rocking woke the pair gently, as it had these last seven months, like the soft shake of a partner’s hands. Felice was first to rise, opening the curtains of the small sailboat to reveal a bright sky, full of promise. The warm sun soaked into her skin, and she drank greedily until she had her fill, gazing across the lethargic waters at the painted canvas the horizon wore. Her companion, slow to wake but surprisingly animated once so, began the task of making the morning meal, and Felice enjoyed her solace with the water a moment more before pitching in.