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Fucking Well.

Photo by Ben Hershey on Unsplash

Oh, I’ve got no room to let
Got no room to let you live
No room to let you live and die
Inside this heart of mine

There’s just no time to waste
No time to waste on you and I
When all I want’s a nice soft bed
And a roof to hide the sky


Herxes Station

They were all here for the same reason. Not just music; that was implied by the posters, the homemade shirts, the thin station hallway packed full of stitched-together styles and clashing hairdos. Most of these people were miners, haulers, maintenance workers – the ones that did the work so others could live. Even with the small boosts to pay last quarter, these were thankless tasks, and the crowd was clearly a sea of comrades in arms, all frustrated beyond a doubt and looking for an out.